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  VotePak is a brand name. Its business is to make communications with the growing number of voters who choose to vote by mail possible to candidates with limited funds by sharing the cost of postage and production. We provide a needed service.

 VotePak and its website allow candidates to include their information at a fraction of the cost of individual mailings to voters. Each 3.5 x 8.5 card is designed by the campaigns themselves and all carry their individual disclaimer as required by law. Other inserts including the envelope and informational Sample Ballots are also enclosed to provide important voter information.

 The best way to describe VotePak is that it is a political version modeled after the familiar ValPak for business. Like ValPak’s familiar blue envelope, VotePak arrives in a distinctive flag envelope. The envelope is designed to have no likeness to Official Envelopes sent by Supervisors of Election and carries the proper return envelope information.

  In addition to the insert and envelope, VotePak provides a Sample Ballot.  Sample Ballots are very common and absolutely legal. Google Images carry hundreds of examples of Sample Ballots. Both the Republican Party and Democrat Party send out Sample Ballots regularly and indicate their recommended candidate.

 Vote Pak has two types of Sample Ballots, sponsored and unsponsored. If a Sample Ballot is Sponsored the sponsor is identified according to election rules.

 Unsponsored Sample Ballots are simply reproductions of the sample ballot provided by Supervisors of Elections.

 Either way, to provide further information to voters, Sample Ballots produced by Supervisors of Elections are made available here on VotePak's website.

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